DBS virtual population

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The Janis, Kurt and Michael models (fake names) are implanted monolaterally
The Freddie and Angus models are implanted bilaterally. Note that Angus, in addition to his two functional DBS leads has two abandoned bilateral leads.



Download files

The body models can be downloaded using this link (archive Ansys Electronic format, for other format please contact guerin@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu).

Models description

The models were created by combining head and neck CT examinations of DBS patients into a "virtual CT" volume covering the entire implant length. This allowed us to build model of the DBS implant covering the entire length of the lead, extension cables and implantable pulse generator (IPG). The body was discretized into bone, air and soft tissue classes. The DBS implant models contain a insulating sheath, straight internal conductors, electrodes and 2000 Ohm impedance connections to the IPG. See the reference above for more details.