MGH Angel 001 voxels

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Segmented "Angel 001" MGH head model


Torrado‐Carvajal A, Herraiz JL, Hernandez‐Tamames JA, Jose‐Estepar S, Eryaman Y, Rozenholc Y, Adalsteinsson E, Wald LL, Malpica N (2015). "Multi‐atlas and label fusion approach for patient‐specific MRI based skull estimation." Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. DOI: 10.1002/mrm.25737

Download files

Download the Matlab file containing the segmented volume and the tissue key here.

Phantom description

This phantom is a segmentation of a 1 mm isotropic MPRAGE acquisition of a healthy male into 6 tissue classes:

  • Air
  • White matter
  • Grey matter
  • CSF
  • Skull
  • "Average" soft tissues