MGH Angel 002

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Front and back halves of the skull part
Angel002 skull front.png
Angel002 skull back.png
Front and back halves of the outer compartment
Angel002 outer front.png
Angel002 outer back.png



Bastien Guérin, Jason P. Stockmann, Mehran Baboli, Angel Torrado-Carvajal, Andrew V. Stenger and Lawrence L. Wald (2015). "Robust time-shifted spoke pulse design in the presence of large B0 variations with simultaneous reduction of through-plane dephasing, B1+ effects, and the specific absorption rate using parallel transmission." Magnetic resonance imaging, DOI: 10.1002/mrm.25902.

Download files

Download the STL and Inventor files for this phantom here.

Phantom description

This phantom is similar to the MGH "Angel 001" phantom, except that the parts have been modified so that the filling port of the brain compartment extends outside the outer shell. This allows refilling the brain compartment as needed. The outer ("muscle") volume is 1610 mL. The brain volume is 1160 mL.

Special considerations

Please refer to the MGH "Angel 001" phantom for construction instructions.

Although the brain filling port extends outside, this will allow you re-filling the phantom only if the agar gel inside the brain compartment is liquid enough. To achieve this, you should prepare the agar gel using at most 1% agar in weight.

It is helpful to be able to re-fill the phantoms as needed. Although the parts are waterproof and the phantom do not leak, there is a small amount of evaporation that cannot be avoided and lead to a progressive drying of the gel. This effect is more pronounced at the periphery of the brain compartment and therefore could manifest itself by a change of intensity in this region (similar to a "grey matter ribbon"). Also, small cavities may appear 6-12 months after the initial filling.